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Questions you might have!

Why Roqoqo real estate?

A stop shop for a wide range of properties . Client does not have to run to 10 different places to search for properties . We are market leaders in resale , new and B to B properties  as well .Single roof solutions from buying to availing bank loan, legal due diligence and last but not the least a good discount from our in house interior designing team when your buy with Rococo Real Estate.

What makes you guys different from other real estate company?

Established team of well educated consultants with a strong ethics and customer service background . More than 5 Million sq ft sold and over 500 properties managed with happy faces.

How does the process work? Do you directly speak to the owner or the client does?

Both scenarios, we believe in complete transparency . We either arrange a physical meeting with the client or arrange a con call when the clients are settled abroad . A well designed process where everything is planned and mailed to you about every step followed.

If there are problems or things which is against the agreement where do i need to go?

For everything Roqoqo is responsible for your every penny spent . We document everything properly so that such situations do not arise . If they do Roqoqo makes sure the clients and their hard earned money is safe.

What are the other services you provide apart from showing and listing properties?

Our job does not end just by showing properties . We make sure we do all documentations , loan procedures , registration till the hand over of the keys . Everything is done by us . We have partnered with civil teams for any kind of repair and maintenance jobs as well.

When is the commission paid?

The commission is paid on the date of final registration only. Roqoqo homes do not charge a penny from the purchaser when buying an under construction property whether residential or commercial.

Why involve Roqoqo when buying from builder?

Roqoqo does bulk booking with developer so we always have preferential rates . Best rates guaranteed when buying with us . Clients often fall prey in the hands of few unethical developers where scrutiny of the project and timelines are required. Roqoqo makes sure all compliance and clearances are in place before marketing any project.